About me

Welcome to my website my name is Charlene, I am a professional maternity, newborn, baby and family photographer.
If you are looking at my site, there’s a pretty good chance you are expecting a bundle of joy. Congratulations! You are about to embark on an exciting and wonderful journey into parenthood, or you are already part of this amazing journey.

I’m lucky enough to be a mum to two wonderful children and work a dream job – I get to cuddle babies, get creative and produce beautiful artwork for your home. Honestly, I count myself really blessed to be able to photograph so many gorgeous babies and learn of the families they’ve been born in to. And it’s even better when clients return in future years and I get to watch these little people grow up.

My mission is to provide you with a stunning gallery of images of your newborn, baby or toddler that will capture all those little details of your family when they were tiny. I use all the tricks in the book to encourage even the shyest little ones to step in front of the camera and get the best out of them.

The Studio

The space is cosy and comfortable and I have everything on hand to make sure your experience is as enjoyable as possible. You will find:

Complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits
WC for your convenience
A comfortable sofa where you are able to relax and watch your child being photographed
A fridge to store any expressed milk or formula / hot water for heating up formula

The studio has plenty of luxury and bespoke props and outfits for you to choose from and styling will be discussed at the beginning of your session.


Where are you located?

Studio is located at 38, Icilio Calleja Street Zebbug and is available by appointment only.

Do you shoot with natural light or studio lights (flash)?

Professional-grade studio lighting in the studio; natural light outdoors.

Doesn’t studio lighting bother my newborn baby?

Not at all. Studio lights are diffused so that the light from them is very soft, exactly like daytime natural light coming through white curtains. Your newborn is likely sleeping and posed in an angle that the light feathers her, not blinds her.

How should I choose a newborn photographer?

Like weddings, timing is essential as this moment cannot be re-done. While price is a factor, consider the style and quality of images and the experience of the photographer in newborn handling and posing. Price is important, however, the least expensive photographer is also probably the least experienced and equipped.

When should I schedule my session?

Maternity session when you are around 28weeks
Newborn session preferably first 10 days
Tummy time session 5 months
Sitter session 9 months
Cake Smash session when baby is 11 – 13 months.

How do we schedule a date for a newborn if we don’t know when the baby is born?

Because babies rarely arrive on their due dates, it is best to book in advance so we can add your due date to our calendar and secure availability.
When your baby arrives, please contact us as soon as possible so we can schedule a date for session the earliest we can.

Why does newborn photos have to be taken in these first two weeks?

Newborns change dramatically in the first weeks of life. When they are first born, they are able to bend and curl up into these sweet little poses, mimicking how they lived inside the womb. All these amazing characteristics will begin to disappear after a few short weeks. It is also true that some problems like baby acne, gas etc would not have started in the first few days of life.

What if my newborn is older than two weeks?

It’s not too late to get newborn photos!—We shoot newborns up to six weeks old. However, know that the older the baby is, the less likely baby will look or pose like a newborn. However, we will still get nice images from the photo session. That’s what is important!
A baby older than four weeks has developed further along so their ligaments have strengthened. Because of this, they may not be able to perform some (or even most) of the “curled up” newborn poses. They are more alert and less likely to sleep through pose transitions so the session will have less variety of poses. Your newborn will usually need to be swaddled for much of the session to keep their arms from flailing. For newborns older than four weeks, we will focus on wrapped baby, open-eyes and parent/sibling shots.
That being said, all babies are different. We have photographed older infants with great success.
If you decide against newborn portraits, the next “prime time” for a photo session is 5 – 9 months when your baby is able to support their head while on their tummy and/or sit up confidently. We can capture a lot more variety of poses and cute baby expressions at this stage.

Why no clothes on the newborn?

Nothing is the best wardrobe for a newborn. No outfit fits a newborn well and they often look swallowed in clothes.

What should I do if my baby is sick?

Sick babies and photo sessions do not mix well. We want you to love your images so please reschedule! One re-schedule is permitted per session and your non-refundable retainer will transfer. Please be considerate and notify us of any changes to the date or time of the session.

How long will my session last?

Newborn session can take up to 4 hours to accommodate feeding, soothing, and diaper change times. Baby and maternity sessions are 1.5 – 2 hours. It is recommended that only those who are to be photographed (immediate family members only) be present during your session. Too many people can distract the baby (& the photographer!)

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for our newborn photo session?

We take care of all the outfits, props and setups ourselves. All you need to bring is your outfit for family session, we can provide something for mum. Always prepare extra feeding supplies for baby as during session babies tend to feed more than normal. A full baby is a happy and sleepy baby so if you are following a feeding schedule please ignore it a bit during the 4 hours of the session.

It is advisable to arrive at studio with your baby needing a feed. That way, we can begin the photography session with your newborn taking a feed which will hopefully make for a sleepier and more content baby.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided during the session, though you are welcome to bring along any additional drinks or snacks.

What can I expect from my newborn photography session?

Our aim is to provide a relaxed session for you to sit back and enjoy, while we encourage your baby off to sleep and place them in various poses to create some beautiful keepsake images. It is very difficult to predict how long your session will last for. Babies are so unpredictable and so are baby photography sessions.
On average newborn photography sessions start at 9am and last between 3 and 4 hours but this always depends on the baby. We allow time to sooth, feed and pose your baby. We try to not go over the 4 hour period as we do not want baby to be overhandled. Most importantly you will see that your baby is never put at any risk, the most important part of the photoshoot is ensuring your baby’s safety at all times.

Can other members of the family join the photo session?

Absolutely! The session aims to capture not just your baby but also the connection between the new baby and the family. So weencourage you to have some shots with your baby too. Believe me, these are the most precious ones when you will be looking back to the pictures in few years.
Siblings shots can be included too, though siblings may be better joining us at the end of a newborn photo shoot to minimise distractions or since these sessions are taken morning weekdays, if siblings are at school we can schedule sibling shots at another time. Four hours can seem a very long time to a toddler!

What if my baby has an accident?

It is perfectly normal (and expected!) that your baby will wee and poo during his/her newborn photography session. Please don’t be worried. We have plenty of blankets and props should we need to change the setup due to an accident. And please rest assured that all blankets are washed after every newborn session.

What happens if my newborn doesn’t sleep?

It is unlikely that we will not be able to get your baby to sleep at all. However if baby is settled we will still take shots of baby when they are awake.

Do I need to bring any props with me to the newborn photography session?

No, we have a large selection of blankets, backgrounds and photography props that you will be able to choose from. However, if there is a particular hat, bonnet, blanket or soft toy that you want your baby to be photographed with, then of course, please feel free to bring it along and we will see if we can incorporate it into some of the images. Please be considerate of the things you bring along. We want focus to be mainly on the beauty of your child not on the extravagant outfits or oversized props.

Do you do other photography besides newborn, babies, maternity and family?

Unfortunately no. We photograph bellies, babies kids and family only. We believe that if you are a Jack of all trades you will be a master of none.

When will I see my images?

Your gallery will be available in about one to three weeks after our session. During peak season (e.g. Christmas), the turnaround time may vary by a week or so.

Why is newborn photography more expensive than high street photography?

We limit the number of newborn photo shoots to a maximum of just four shoots a week and only one session per day. There are many hours of editing to be undertaken after the newborn photography session and to ensure the highest quality to the work we provide we do not book in more sessions.
We understand that a specialised newborn photographer can be considered expensive if compared against the high street photographers. However, please try not to compare us in the same way. Many photographers base their businesses on quantity and therefore they need to book as many photography sessions as possible.This is not what newborn photography is about. Newborn photography is about taking time to create wonderful pieces of artwork of your baby. It is not about rushing for the best shot possible in the shortest amount of time.
Our newborn sessions are relaxed and enjoyable. It is about capturing your little bundle of joy who is only that tiny for such a small period of time.

Do you just sell digital files?

No, we do not. Please understand that taking the photographs is only a part of the process in creating the art which will hang in your home. Not only do we enhance the images by removing scratches, marks and flaky newborn skin, tweaking colours and using other post-production techniques but we have spent time sourcing high quality labs that will produce outstanding prints and products for our clients.
If you are investing in a photographer, print it professionally, Big and fine art. It may feel like an expensive investment now but we promise you this investment lasts a lifetime

I have a question not listed here or need more clarification.

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